Wednesday, May 20, 2009

QUBUS - sale instore

Water Proof Boot - White RRP $270 now $189 - SOLD OUT
Waterproof Boot - Onion RRP $330 Now $230

Waterproof Boot - Black RRP $330 Now $230 - SOLD OUT

Cola Cup - Recycle
Cola Cup - Best Before

Cola Cup RRP $50 now $35

Factory Vase RRP $120 now $84

Lace Vase RRP $85 now $59

Spirit of the East RRP$120 now $84

Norwegian Wood RRP $110 now $77

Little Joseph Candleholder - RRP$120 now $84

The Qubus Studio was founded in 2002 in Prague, Czech Republic. Thirteen years after the fall of Communism, Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky decided to establish a multidisciplinary platform for experimenting – in the new context – with traditional Czech materials such as porcelain or glass. During the five years of its existence, Qubus has produced dozens of shapes and designs respected both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The product portfolio of the studio, which in 2004 also branched into interior and graphic design, ranges from exclusive tailor-made creations for private gallery owners to projects for multinationals. The works of the Qubus team draw on the studio’s unique Eastern experience. On a path from Communism to Consumerism, the studio offers original cocktails blending a variety of forms in new contexts, whether created by traditional techniques or latest technologies.
(Images and information courtesy of Qubus)

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